Brent A. Ross

Emergency Response Services (ERS) provides a group of highly qualified instructors with a diverse knowledge of emergency response techniques.   We have been using ERS for several years and our employees always come away with improved skills and confidence to respond to emergencies.   ERS has raised the level of training and response capabilities throughout our company providing all our employees with a high degree of safety and protection.

Brent A. Ross, CSP Manager - Environmental, Health & Safety Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Larry Vest

ERS has always exceeded our training expectations for Confined Space Rescue, HAZMAT and Fire. They provide trainers that are not only competent in their skills but also understand the industrial environment. We consider ERS a partner in our efforts to provide an a highly skilled Emergency Response Team.

Larry Vest, Manager - Safety & Health Bowater-Calhoun Operations

Justin Holland

The City of Chattanooga Public Works Department would like to thank Emergency Response Services for assisting us in our confined space operations on several occasions. Each time we have dealt with ERS they have provided Public Works with excellent support in the areas of confined space rescue standbye, confined space training, and 24-hour technical support whenever we have questions. ERS has been a major contributing factor in maintaining and developing the city's infrastructure through assisting with storm drain investigations. I always look forward to working with ERS and feel comfortable that our operations will run smoothly each and every time they are called upon for a confined space rescue standby operation. I confidently recommend Emergency Response Services as solid and reliable experts in their field.

Justin Holland - City Of Chattanooga Public Works

Dallas Jones

ERS has provided me with many years of excellent training, service and support. Their quality and presentation of training is one of the best I have seen in my career. I have come to rely upon ERS's knowledge and experience for my emergency response needs. ERS has a unique way of effectively relating and communicating with people, from a senior manager to a first responder. I have and will continue to rely upon ERS to support my safety and health responsibilities.

Dallas Jones - CSP Safety & Health Director Brach's Confections

Dennis Kirkland

Here at Kimberly-Clark, we have enjoyed doing business with ERS since 1998. They have provided excellent training for our Confined Space Rescue Team and our Incipient Fire Brigade. Their staff is very knowledgeable in all aspects of our training requirements. On several occasions, we have used ERS to provide 24-hour coverage during our major shutdowns. I would highly recommend ERS to anyone who needs quality training or emergency response services.

Dennis Kirkland - Safety & Hygiene Specialist, Kimberly-Clark Corp.