Firefighters fight industrial blaze outside

About ERS

Our primary goal is to provide the highest quality and most cost-effective training to industrial emergency response teams at reasonable prices.

Emergency Response Services, Inc. was formed on September 16, 1996, with the primary goal of providing the highest quality and the most cost-effective training to industrial emergency response teams. Emergency Response Services, Inc. has since accomplished its initial goal with a proven record of delivering the highest possible levels of training to industry, both standard, and custom, at exceptionally reasonable prices. Our philosophy is that a quality emergency response training program must always start with a team of qualified and experienced instructors. We believe the highest levels of industrial safety are attained through clear and constant communication, even after our training program is complete. Therefore, we believe that our industrial clients stand to benefit most from our services by re-enforcing our message through ongoing communication and training follow-ups. And finally, we believe outstanding hands-on emergency response training can be accomplished without harm to our associates, clients, the public, or the environment. Our golden principle is: "Safe operations make good business sense and all accidents can be prevented".

ERS has become one of the nation's leading providers of Industrial Emergency Response Training and Services. We proudly trained over 8,000 Industrial Responders from a very diverse cross-section of industries. This diverse client base gives us valuable experience and a wealth of knowledge about “what works and what doesn’t work” regarding Industrial Emergency Response.

ERS has built its reputation for outstanding training on the foundation of its professional instructors. The ERS team currently consists of a staff of full-time instructors (see bios) with many years in the emergency services both as responders and trainers. We are proud to support our emergency response training and contract emergency services with a team of over 50 professional and dedicated emergency responders.

Emergency Response Services, Inc. would be pleased to assist in your industrial safety program, whether your training needs focus on standard fire, hazardous material emergency response, confined space rescue, or incident command training. We can also design a training program specific to your company's hazards. For emergency response assistance in your facility, call Eddie or Ralph at  Emergency Response Services, Inc. today for a free consultation: 256.259.2599.