Firefighters fight industrial blaze outside

Facility Firefighting Training

Specialty Courses and Services

ERS, Inc. can also custom-design training programs for your personnel, such as Advanced SCBA Training. We also conduct annual fire hose and SCBA testing. Call for details!

Firefighters hose down an outside fire
Man rapels down a tall structure
man uses a fire extinguisher

Portable Fire Extinguisher and Incipient-Level Fire Training

This short course is directed toward small industrial facilities with no organized fire brigade, or large facilities that have a fire brigade, but want to train their workforce to use portable fire extinguishers. Remember, according to the NFPA, portable fire extinguishers are industry's first line of defense against fire loss. This course includes instruction on basic fire behavior, fire prevention, escape routes, as well as hands-on training and proper use of portable fire extinguishers.

Facility Fire Brigade Training

Industrial structural fire brigades require training that is designed to fit the specific hazards of a particular facility, and yet still meet the needs of the current standard of care (1910.156 & NFPA 600). ERS's structural firefighting programs do just that. While teaching basic safety and widely-accepted firefighting techniques, we also design your training program to prepare your firefighters for the particular hazards of your facility. ERS's programs are definitely NOT the typical "structure fire" program. We guarantee that your fire brigade members will walk away from this course with a greater knowledge of how to protect themselves, co-workers, and your facility from the devastating threat of fire. And chances are, your personnel will be asking for Emergency Response Services, Inc. when the next training session is due!